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A compelling 6 episode series that follows Jason and his friends over the course of a year. Unrated. 




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about the movie

Jason is an almost-famous actor with an agent in LA, but instead of pushing through when he’s on the verge of something bigger, he quits. Then he breaks up with his long-term girlfriend, Abigail. Is it an existential reckoning or self-sabotage? He certainly has a lot of theories about life, the world and living in Vancouver that he’s constantly telling his friends. Except everyone else in the tightly-knit circle is also dealing with their own private crises of faith, questioning and regrets.

The friends come together to celebrate Jason’s birthday, and the evening spirals out of control in a drug and alcohol-fueled haze. Afterwards everyone in the group must deal with the fallout from that night, and find a way to move past their feelings of guilt, betrayal or disappointment, in order to find a way forward. 

And yet a sense of direction continues to elude them all. Jason and Blake, his best friend from childhood, crash at Seth’s place, which becomes a hub of discontent. Seth, a former stock-broker turned yogi, struggles to maintain control of the house, and his temper. And Woodrow, a drug-dealer with connections to the darkest corners of the city, keeps showing up to get high and play videogames. Preoccupied with the problems in their own lives, the friends fail to notice or intervene as Blake’s drug use intensifies and Jason’s teenage sister Chelsea gets involved with amateur porn.  

To Jason’s irritation, his friend Doug starts making a day-in-the-life documentary as a means to escape his pregnant fiance Sue, and a job he hates. Doug declares Jason the star of the film, because Jason is the most famous person he knows, and Jason begrudgingly agrees. 

As Jason’s ex, Abigail, struggles to get over him, Jason tries to move on by sleeping with Jill, Seth’s ex. He also tries to connect with Kyla, a woman outside their social circle, who might be the stable influence Jason needs. Except she’s lukewarm on him, especially as his friends, and Doug’s film footage, reveal truths Jason would rather be kept hidden.  

With the group’s everyday dramas under the scrutiny of the cameras, conflicts deepen. Jason is forced to confront his friends, and worse, himself. The once close group appears to scatter, damaged beyond repair, until a shocking event unites them in grief to re-evaluate their lives and the decisions that led them adrift.  


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